Monroe County Cross Country

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(since 2005)

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Team: Boys
Site: Mendon Ponds Park East (revised 2014)
Distance: 3.05 miles

DateTypeName [last, first, grade]SchoolTimeAvg/Mile
10-15-2019League Meet RaceLe, Jayson (12)Fairport16:125:18.7
10-6-2015League Meet RaceLawler, Nathan (10)Mendon16:165:20.0
10-13-2016League Meet RaceLawler, Nathan (11)Mendon16:225:22.0
10-6-2015League Meet RaceTate, Jackson (12)Honeoye Falls Lima16:255:23.0
10-13-2016League Meet RaceRouhana, Majd (11)Fairport16:325:25.2
10-6-2015League Meet RaceBurton, Henry (12)Mendon16:345:25.9
10-13-2016League Meet RaceHenretta, Sean (10)Fairport16:365:26.6
10-6-2015League Meet RaceOrcutt, Matt (12)Fairport16:375:26.9
10-6-2015League Meet RaceRouhana, Majd (10)Fairport16:375:26.9
9-12-2018League Meet RaceLawler, Sam (11)Mendon16:435:28.9
10-13-2016League Meet RaceLyle, Liam (12)Honeoye Falls Lima16:475:30.2
10-16-2018League Meet RaceLawler, Sam (11)Mendon16:485:30.5
10-6-2015League Meet RaceFarnham, Brad (11)Penfield16:495:30.8
10-15-2019League Meet RaceRuder, Kaelen (11)Fairport16:515:31.5
9-27-2016League Meet RaceSenall, Tyler (11)Penfield16:515:31.5
10-6-2015League Meet RaceGoodman, Isaac (12)Mendon16:525:31.8
10-14-2014League Meet RaceHess, Griffin (11)Mendon16:535:32.1
10-10-2017League Meet RaceLawler, Nathan (12)Mendon16:545:32.5
10-6-2015League Meet RaceBrooks, Rob (12)Fairport16:555:32.8
10-7-2014League Meet RaceNeamtu, Nick (11)Thomas16:565:33.1
10-14-2014League Meet RaceFeigel, Evan (12)Mendon16:595:34.1
10-14-2014League Meet RaceGoodman, Isaac (11)Mendon16:595:34.1
9-27-2016League Meet RaceRouhana, Majd (11)Fairport16:595:34.1
9-16-2014League Meet RaceBurton, Henry (11)Mendon17:005:34.4
9-16-2014League Meet RaceHess, Griffin (11)Mendon17:015:34.8

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