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Team: Girls
Site: Black Creek Park
Distance: 3.1 miles

DateTypeName [last, first, grade]SchoolTimeAvg/Mile
9-17-2013League Meet RaceJensen, Kennedy (12)Canandaigua18:215:55.2
10-18-2016League Meet RaceKostarellis, Anna (12)Churchville Chili18:486:03.9
9-11-2012League Meet RaceJensen, Kennedy (11)Canandaigua19:086:10.3
10-16-2012League Meet RaceTuttle, Georgia (12)Irondequoit19:106:11.0
10-15-2019League Meet RaceTytler, Candace (10)Irondequoit19:116:11.3
10-2-2012League Meet RaceJensen, Kennedy (11)Canandaigua19:126:11.6
10-15-2019League Meet RaceCapuano, Annalee (10)Irondequoit19:136:11.9
9-16-2014League Meet RaceKostarellis, Anna (10)Churchville Chili19:186:13.5
10-16-2012League Meet RaceO'Neill, Karli (12)Churchville Chili19:196:13.9
9-16-2015League Meet RaceRheude, Clancy (9)Canandaigua19:226:14.8
9-21-2021League Meet Varsity RaceBrennan, Ann (12)Honeoye Falls Lima19:246:15.5
10-15-2013League Meet RaceParatore, Amanda (12)Schroeder19:296:17.1
10-11-2011League Meet RacePalermo, Val (11)Schroeder19:336:18.4
9-21-2021League Meet Varsity RaceArguien, McKenna (12)Churchville Chili19:346:18.7
10-11-2011League Meet RaceParatore, Amanda (10)Schroeder19:346:18.7
9-20-2011League Meet RaceTate, Tiffany (11)Irondequoit19:356:19.0
9-20-2011League Meet RaceTuttle, Georgia (11)Irondequoit19:366:19.4
10-16-2018League Meet RaceTytler, Colleen (10)Irondequoit19:366:19.4
9-16-2015League Meet RaceCobos, Katie (9)Canandaigua19:386:20.0
10-11-2011League Meet RaceO'Neill, Karli (11)Churchville Chili19:386:20.0
10-18-2011League Meet RacePalermo, Val (11)Schroeder19:386:20.0
9-30-2014League Meet RaceKostarellis, Anna (10)Churchville Chili19:406:20.6
10-20-2015League Meet RaceKostarellis, Anna (11)Churchville Chili19:416:21.0
10-18-2011League Meet RaceParatore, Amanda (10)Schroeder19:416:21.0
10-16-2012League Meet RaceTate, Tiffany (12)Irondequoit19:416:21.0

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