Monroe County Cross Country

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(since 2005)

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Team: Girls
Site: Shadow Pines
Distance: 3.1 miles

DateTypeName [last, first, grade]SchoolTimeAvg/Mile
11-7-2020League Meet Varsity RaceTytler, Candace (11)Irondequoit19:596:26.8
11-7-2020League Meet Varsity RaceCapuano, Annalee (11)Irondequoit20:076:29.4
10-17-2020League Meet Varsity RaceArguien, McKenna (11)Churchville Chili20:116:30.6
10-17-2020League Meet Varsity RaceKellman, Joli (10)Penfield20:236:34.5
11-7-2020League Meet Varsity RaceCanali, Jordyn (10)Canandaigua20:266:35.5
10-17-2020League Meet Varsity RaceDonner, Lindsay (10)Churchville Chili20:286:36.1
10-17-2020League Meet Varsity RaceBriggs, Alexa (9)Churchville Chili20:366:38.7
10-24-2020League Meet Varsity RaceKellman, Joli (10)Penfield20:396:39.7
10-5-2021League Meet Varsity RaceDubois, Desilets (10)Brockport20:486:42.6
9-17-2019League Meet RaceKloiber, Ilsa (11)Victor20:486:42.6
10-24-2020League Meet Varsity RaceReichman, Beatrice (10)Penfield20:506:43.2
10-24-2020League Meet Varsity RaceFargnoli, Amelia (11)Spencerport20:556:44.8
9-14-2021League Meet Varsity RaceCanali, Jordyn (11)Canandaigua20:566:45.2
10-24-2020League Meet Varsity RaceBloom, Hailey (12)Penfield21:006:46.5
9-17-2019League Meet RaceLucia, Olivia (10)Mendon21:036:47.4
9-17-2019League Meet RaceMorrell, Riley (11)Mendon21:076:48.7
9-17-2019League Meet RaceCzajka, Norah (11)Penfield21:096:49.4
10-17-2020League Meet Varsity RaceStorie, Kayla (12)Churchville Chili21:116:50.0
10-17-2020League Meet Varsity RaceReichman, Beatrice (10)Penfield21:146:51.0
9-17-2019League Meet RaceHeffron, Riana (9)Mendon21:166:51.6
10-5-2021League Meet Varsity RaceWebster, Rachel (11)Thomas21:176:51.9
9-17-2019League Meet RaceTripp, Peyton (11)Victor21:186:52.3
10-15-2019League Meet RaceDoody, Sierra (10)Schroeder21:196:52.6
9-17-2019League Meet RaceKim, Holy (10)Mendon21:196:52.6
9-14-2021League Meet Varsity RaceScibelli, Kate (12)Canandaigua21:206:52.9

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