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Team: Girls
Site: Northampton Park (revised 2020 due to Covid)
Distance: 2.9 miles

DateTypeName [last, first, grade]SchoolTimeAvg/Mile
11-7-2020League Meet Varsity RaceBrennan, Ann (11)Honeoye Falls Lima17:276:01.0
10-17-2020League Meet Varsity RaceTytler, Candace (11)Irondequoit17:386:04.8
11-7-2020League Meet Varsity RaceKidd, Paige (9)Honeoye Falls Lima18:256:21.0
10-10-2020League Meet Varsity RaceOssont, Eilee (11)Brighton18:296:22.4
10-17-2020League Meet Varsity RaceCapuano, Annalee (11)Irondequoit18:366:24.8
10-31-2020League Meet Varsity RaceLucia, Olivia (11)Mendon18:386:25.5
10-17-2020League Meet Varsity RacePellegrino, Kyra (10)Gates Chili18:546:31.0
10-10-2020League Meet Varsity RacePearson, Maddie (12)Brighton18:576:32.1
10-10-2020League Meet Varsity RaceTytler, Candace (11)Irondequoit18:586:32.4
10-31-2020League Meet Varsity RaceMorrell, Riley (12)Mendon19:026:33.8
10-10-2020League Meet Varsity RaceRoss, Georgia (11)Brighton19:036:34.1
10-31-2020League Meet Varsity RaceHeffron, Riana (10)Mendon19:046:34.5
11-7-2020League Meet Varsity RaceHenzel-Cronin, Ella (11)Honeoye Falls Lima19:056:34.8
11-7-2020League Meet Varsity RaceKraynik, Oli (10)Honeoye Falls Lima19:186:39.3
10-10-2020League Meet Varsity RaceCapuano, Annalee (11)Irondequoit19:216:40.3
11-7-2020League Meet Varsity RaceKamm, Teagan (11)Honeoye Falls Lima19:236:41.0
10-31-2020League Meet Varsity RaceAzzara, Kristen (11)Mendon19:276:42.4
11-7-2020League Meet Varsity RaceLarsen, Maria (12)Honeoye Falls Lima19:296:43.1
11-7-2020League Meet Varsity RaceBagley, Sophie (10)Honeoye Falls Lima19:326:44.1
10-10-2020League Meet Varsity RaceFargnoli, Amelia (11)Spencerport19:326:44.1
10-31-2020League Meet Varsity RacePalumbo, Sophia (11)Mendon19:356:45.2
11-7-2020League Meet Varsity RaceRoth, Virginia (11)Honeoye Falls Lima19:576:52.8
11-7-2020League Meet Varsity RaceRose, Cora (12)Brockport20:006:53.8
10-31-2020League Meet Varsity RaceTribotte, Gianna (11)Brockport20:036:54.8
10-10-2020League Meet Varsity RaceMunger, Lila (11)Brighton20:116:57.6

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