Monroe County Cross Country

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(since 2005)

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Team: Girls
Site: Mendon Ponds Park East
Distance: 3.05 miles

DateTypeName [last, first, grade]SchoolTimeAvg/Mile
9-19-2012League Meet RaceLembo, Katie (11)Penfield18:376:06.2
10-1-2013League Meet RaceLembo, Katie (12)Penfield18:496:10.2
10-12-2010League Meet RaceTuite, Shaylyn (12)Mendon18:536:11.5
10-16-2012League Meet RaceLembo, Katie (11)Penfield18:566:12.5
9-19-2012League Meet RaceTuttle, Georgia (12)Irondequoit19:056:15.4
10-2-2012League Meet RaceTuttle, Georgia (12)Irondequoit19:086:16.4
10-16-2012League Meet RacePalermo, Val (12)Schroeder19:136:18.0
9-24-2013League Meet RaceJensen, Kennedy (12)Canandaigua19:156:18.7
10-16-2012League Meet RaceQuinn, Siobhan (10)Rush Henrietta19:196:20.0
9-27-2011League Meet RaceLembo, Katie (10)Penfield19:216:20.7
9-27-2011League Meet RaceMantilla, Leila (12)Penfield19:226:21.0
9-26-2006League Meet RaceTuite, Shaylyn (8)Mendon19:296:23.3
9-18-2007League Meet RaceHerman, Shelby (12)Hilton19:306:23.6
10-2-2007League Meet RaceHerman, Shelby (12)Hilton19:356:25.2
9-15-2009League Meet RaceDeming, Brianna (12)Thomas19:376:25.9
9-26-2006League Meet RaceCufari, Kate (11)Sutherland19:386:26.2
10-2-2012League Meet RacePalermo, Val (12)Schroeder19:406:26.9
10-16-2012League Meet RaceParatore, Amanda (11)Schroeder19:416:27.2
10-2-2007League Meet RaceSpitzer, Jenn (11)Fairport19:416:27.2
9-18-2007League Meet RaceTuite, Shaylyn (9)Mendon19:446:28.2
9-23-2008League Meet RaceDeming, Brianna (11)Thomas19:466:28.9
9-20-2011League Meet RaceLembo, Katie (10)Penfield19:466:28.9
9-20-2011League Meet RaceMantilla, Leila (12)Penfield19:466:28.9
10-13-2009League Meet RaceRobinson, Jodi (12)Rush Henrietta19:476:29.2
10-2-2007League Meet RaceSanders, Katie (11)Spencerport19:486:29.5

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