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Team: Boys
Site: Center Park (1.5 mile)

Name [last, first, grade]SchoolTimeDateType
Finch, Rahlin (8)Churchville Chili9:599-23-2021League Meet Modified Race
Falbo, Sam (8)Churchville Chili11:069-23-2021League Meet Modified Race
Milligan, Forest (7)Churchville Chili11:449-23-2021League Meet Modified Race
Ayers, Justin (8)Churchville Chili13:029-23-2021League Meet Modified Race
Piper, Nick (7)Churchville Chili13:229-23-2021League Meet Modified Race
Donleavy, Beckham (8)Churchville Chili13:259-23-2021League Meet Modified Race

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